TSX: NZC $0.095
Zn: $1.07/lb
Pb: $0.82/lb
Ag: $23.78/oz


Mineral Tenure

NorZinc owns 100% of the Project (subject to a 1.2% NSR) which comprises two surface leases covering 132 Ha and 12 mining leases covering an area of 7355 Ha as follows:

NorZinc Limited: Prairie Creek Mineral Tenure, January 2016

Surface LeasesML #Record #Expiry DateArea (ha)Area (acres)
Surface Lease95F/10-5-5MinesiteMar 31-2016113.6280.74
Surface Lease95F/10-7-4AirstripMar 31-201618.245.07
Surface Lease total   131.8325.81
Mining Leases     
Mining LeaseML 2854Zone 8-12Aug 21-20407431,836.00
Mining LeaseML 2931Zone 4-7Aug 4-20209092,246.18
Mining LeaseML 2932Zone 3Aug 4-20208712,152.00
Mining LeaseML 2933Rico WestAug 4-2020172425
Mining LeaseML 3313SamanthaJuly 12-2031420.051,037.96
Mining LeaseML 3314West JoeJuly 12-2031195.86483.99
Mining LeaseML 3315MiterkJuly 12-2031 43.7107.98
Mining LeaseML 3338RicoJuly 17-2032186.16460
Mining LeaseML 5113F67134 (Gate 1)Sept 9-2030794.41,963.00
Mining LeaseML 5114F67135 (Gate 2)Sept 9-20301,039.642,569.00
Mining LeaseML 5115F67136 (Gate 3)Sept 9-2030944.132,333.00
Mining LeaseML 5116F67137 (Gate 4)Sept 9-20301,036.002,560.00
Mining Leases total   7,354.9418,174.11
Grand Total   7,486.7418,499.92

Leases Map

Land tenure


Mine accommodations and mill

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