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Prairie Creek Mine
Prairie Creek Mine

"NorZinc's Prairie Creek Mine is one of the highest zinc-equivalent grade undeveloped deposits found anywhere in the world…working with all our stakeholders we plan to complete the permitting process…and put the Prairie Creek mine into production." - Don MacDonald, CEO.

NorZinc Ltd ("NZC") is committed to the responsible and sustainable development of mineral deposits throughout Canada. The Prairie Creek Mine, located in traditional Dene territory in the Northwest Territories, has high-grade mineral reserves of 23% zinc-equivalent, with 8.1 million tonnes of 8.6% zinc, 8.1% lead and 124 g/t silver. In addition, the Mine hosts an inferred resource of 7.0 million tonnes of 11.3% zinc, 7.7% lead and 166 g/t silver. The reserve will support a mine life of 15 years and, with inferred resources being converted to reserves, it is expected to continue to operate many years longer.

The Mine will operate in a responsible manner without compromising the ecological value or the importance of the area to indigenous groups, conservationists and the public in general. NorZinc expects to operate the Mine with the best economically available technology and environmental protection so that impacts on the environment are minimized, and long-term effects after closure will be negligible.

NorZinc’s vision is the development and successful operation of the Mine where the local ecology, traditional aboriginal land uses and the Nahanni National Park Reserve are protected; and local Indigenous groups and the region benefit significantly from the multi-year economic stimulus created by the project.

The Mine will operate for many years and bring substantial benefits to local communities in the form of business opportunities, training and jobs, and is expected to be a catalyst for regional development and economic activity that can be sustained long after final mine closure.

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